The Old Kitchen Suite | Chimneys of Light
The Old Kitchen is located at the heart of Aya Kapadokya. It is the larger of two kitchens that were discovered during restoration. This indicates that a large, wealthy and generous family built the mansion and enjoyed the company of many guests. The room has two consecutive arches with chimneys divided by a beautiful niche. The larger arch was once used as the floor furnace for bread making. Likewise, the smaller arch once served as stove top for cooking pots. The chimneys that once filled the space with the aroma of delicious cuisine are today chimneys of light.





Features & Amenities
The Old Kitchen is a breathtaking example of craftsmanship and architectural tradition. Turned into a split level suite, the chimney arches now pour light onto a queen size bed and a quaint vanity. The romantic and inviting 15 square meter room includes a luxurious en suite bath.



The Rooms
Aya Kapadokya is a one of the most stunning examples of 19th century Anatolian architecture in Cappadocia. Carved into the hillside, the beautiful cave hotel was lovingly restored from rubble and ruin over a two year period. Today, Aya Kapadokya is home to twelve stunning suites.



Aya Kapadokya is located in Cappadocia’s most contemporary city, Ürgüp. Situated just minutes away from Göreme Open Air Museum, the area is well-known for ancient cave dwellings, magical fairy chimneys, early Christian cave churches and fine vineyards. Aya Kapadokya is just a five minute walk from the Ürgüp city center where you can shop for regional specialities including fine carpets, copper and hand-painted ceramics. Aya Kapadokya is also conveniently positioned near many high-quality restaurants and cafes.



Contact Us

Aya Kapadokya is more than a boutique hotel, it is our home. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in planning your visit. It would be our pleasure to help facilitate transportation or coordinate activities during your stay. We look forward to having you as our guests.