Aya Kapadokya | Rooms

Aya Kapadokya is a one of the most stunning examples of 19th century Anatolian architecture in Cappadocia. Carved into the hillside, the beautiful cave hotel was lovingly restored from rubble and ruin over a two year period. Today, Aya Kapadokya is home to twelve stunning suites.



The Arch | A Cappadocian Classic

Arches have been an enduring form of architecture since the Romans brought them to prominence more than 2000 years ago. Arched rooms are a cornerstone of the architectural tradition in Cappadocia. Widespread throughout the region, many different types and variations exist. In Aya Kapadokya’s Arch Suite, the historic and architectural elements discovered during the restoration remain untouched. The original hand-painted cupboard doors and patinated hand-carved stone niches are museum-quality sights to behold.



The Atelier | Artists Retreat

Cappadocia is a place where people had to have a craft, an art form which would serve the household or the community. It could be carpet weaving, pottery, woodworking or something else. Located at the veranda level of Aya Kapadokya, The Atelier Suite used to be the workshop and the storage area for the mansion. Both men and women of the family worked here to provide for the needs of the household. They showed their artistry and expertise when they built the main arch room facing the veranda. In addition to using the space for creative endeavors, the space was used to store dry goods in the protective environment of the inner cave room. Because the working space needed to be inspiring, spiritual and functional, they decorated the walls of the room with beautiful geometric ornaments and unique domed niches.



The Chapel | Sanctuary

The Chapel is Aya. The Chapel is Cappadocia. It is our biggest mystery. It is our utmost beauty. It is the sanctuary of the soul. Carved into hillside, it is the timeless old cave Aya Kapadokya was built around. The rugged front wall and obscured windows leave the greetings to the unique ornament above the entrance, an Orthodox Christian cross with rays of sunlight. Once inside, the grandeur surprises. A pure white, ornamented grand arch room embraced by galleries of caves and a heavenly domed chapel is awaiting.



The Colonnade | Grand Beginnings

The Colonnade Suite holds one of the most important architectural discoveries made during the restoration of Aya Kapadokya. It was a single corner stone from an arch, which we call ‘The Stone That Changed Everything.’ This stone proved that a colonnade of arches existed in the main facade and illustrated grand the structure was before falling into ruin. This discovery was the grand beginning.



Divan | Crown of the Valley

Guests have always been the ‘Crowns of the Head’ for people of Anatolia. Guests bring joy, good luck and prosperity to the home. They are welcomed with delight and high regard. That is why the rooms reserved for visitors are always the the most elaborate. The Divan of Aya Kapadokya was once the living quarters for the original guests. It is not a coincidence that it is located at the top floor, showing the respect of the household. When renovations began, the location was no more than a pile of rubble on an empty lot. Based on a single image of the structure (taken in 1924 before the building collapsed) and a single stone found among the debris, The Divan rises again to where it once stood proudly.



The Equestrian | Riders Rest

Cappadocia is ‘The Land of Beautiful Horses.’ For centuries riders caught and tamed wild horses. The equestrians crossed the wide valleys and the steep mountains by horseback, spreading the fame of these strong and resilient beasts. To protect their priceless horses, the people of Cappadocia kept the animals close and commonly had a stable within the household. The Equestrian Suite was once used as the main stable at Aya Kapadokya.



The Hearth | Warmth of the Morning Sun

Facing east, directly to the sunrise, The Hearth is the warmest of Aya Kapadokya’s suites. The sun rises behind the small hill across the valley and pours light on Hearth at dawn. Composed of two connected arched rooms, The Hearth was once the bedroom and living room of the past residents. The Hearth Suite gets its name from the hearthstone found buried in the furnace floor. The cinders would keep the room warm and cozy on the coldest of winter days.



The Loft | Lovers Nest

This Loft is where two souls became one; the secret meeting spot for lovers past and present. Elaborate in texture and ornamentation, the space showcases the exceptional stone and woodwork from the original artisans. Almost untouched during restoration, The Loft is one of the gems of Aya Kapadokya.



The Old Kitchen Suite | Chimneys of Light

The Old Kitchen is located at the heart of Aya Kapadokya. It is the larger of two kitchens that were discovered during restoration. This indicates that a large, wealthy and generous family built the mansion and enjoyed the company of many guests. The room has two consecutive arches with chimneys divided by a beautiful niche. The larger arch was once used as the floor furnace for bread making. Likewise, the smaller arch once served as stove top for cooking pots. The chimneys that once filled the space with the aroma of delicious cuisine are today chimneys of light.



The Terracotta Suite | Ancient Tradition

Pottery is the ancient tradition in Cappadocia. The Red River gifted the region the clay needed to produce handmade earthenware vessels of all varieties and sizes. These vessels were traditionally used to store and carry water, wine or oil. In addition to the functional value, artisans made earthenware objects of great quality and aesthetic as well. This living tradition found its place in Aya Kapadokya’s Terracotta Suite. Named after the color of the earthenware pots, this large cave suite was once used to store the pots and vessels for the mansion. The cave kept the pots at the same temperature all year. Hand carved niches and cavities for the pots remain in their original condition. Many invaluable old pots were found during restoration and remain as part of the decor.



The Vault | Hidden Treasure

The Vault Suite is Aya Kapadokya’s hidden treasure. Not until midway through the restoration did we know that The Vault was hidden under the stairs which tie the main corridor to the veranda level. Whether the space was used to hide valuables or as a secret passage, The Vault was carved carefully into the main rock which Aya Kapadokya stands upon. The cave reaches outward to network of subterranean dwellings that extend the borders of the structure.



The Winery Suite | Essence of Light

Cappadocia has been the homeland for the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine for thousands of years. In fact, Hittites called the area ‘Wiyanawanda’ or Wine Country. Filled with vineyards, the region harvested the finest of grapes, produced wine and molasses for millennia. It was a tradition of viniculture, spirituality and religion. Churches, monasteries, underground cities and households all had their own wineries and cellars. The Winery suite is one of the two winemaking rooms at Aya Kapadokya. Located deep within the heart of the property, the cave suite has beautifully patinated rock walls, a high window that allows rays of light to fall in the room. Hand carved niches (once used to store wine pots) and chutes (once used to pour grapes into the room) invite guests to envision this spiritual process from the past.




Aya Kapadokya is located in Cappadocia’s most contemporary city, Ürgüp. Situated just minutes away from Göreme Open Air Museum, the area is well-known for ancient cave dwellings, magical fairy chimneys, early Christian cave churches and fine vineyards. Aya Kapadokya is just a five minute walk from the Ürgüp city center where you can shop for regional specialities including fine carpets, copper and hand-painted ceramics. Aya Kapadokya is also conveniently positioned near many high-quality restaurants and cafes.



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