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Aya Kapadokya is one of the finest existing examples of Anatolian Greek architecture in Cappadocia. Nestled behind the beautiful facade and amazing outdoor spaces, the twelve room boutique hotel is also home to ancient cave dwellings, grand arched rooms, a chapel, two subterranean wineries and much more. Every room, regardless of size or location, is installed with the same high-end furnishings and amenities.



When we began excavation of the property in 2016, our goal was to create a family retreat. Shortly after excavation began, we made an important discovery that changed the course of our mission. A photograph from 1924 showed Aya Kapadokya before the building collapsed into rubble and ruin. What we once believed to be a humble structure was actually a multi-story mansion. From that point onward, our goal was to restore Aya Kapadokya to her former glory. With precision, loyalty and love, we took great care in preserving the site. Only historically accurate methods and materials were used for the restoration. In fact, nearly every portion of the structure was repaired by hand.


Our guests have access to three beautiful outdoor spaces. The garden level is the perfect spot to lounge in the sun or simply meditate. Our second level veranda is home to Masal Restaurant and Bar. The space offers panoramic views of the valley. It is the perfect spot to enjoy to enjoy wine at dusk. Like the veranda, our terrace level has spectacular panoramic views. Additionally, the terrace is the perfect vantage point for viewing hot air balloons at sunrise.



Amenities & Features
Although Aya Kapadokya has ancient origins, the hotel includes all of the modern amenities. All suites are fitted with the same high-end furnishings. A collection of antique and handcrafted furniture is provided in each space. To ensure your stay is restful, each suite includes platinum quality mattresses and luxurious bed linens. The suites also feature luxurious private bathrooms with high-end showers and beautiful travertine flooring. Additionally, the rooms include LED televisions with premium satellite channels and complimentary high-speed wireless internet.



Aya Kapadokya is located in Cappadocia’s most contemporary city, Ürgüp. Situated just minutes away from Göreme Open Air Museum, the area is well-known for ancient cave dwellings, magical fairy chimneys, early Christian cave churches and fine vineyards. Aya Kapadokya is just a five minute walk from the Ürgüp city center where you can shop for regional specialities including fine carpets, copper and hand-painted ceramics. Aya Kapadokya is also conveniently positioned near many high-quality restaurants and cafes.



Contact Us

Aya Kapadokya is more than a boutique hotel, it is our home. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in planning your visit. It would be our pleasure to help facilitate transportation or coordinate activities during your stay. We look forward to having you as our guests.



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